We're Jacklyn & Leanna!

Nice to meet you.

Welcome to Twinfluence, formerly known as Social Movement. We’re identical twins, business partners and best friends. We’ve been in business together since 2014. We started out by working with other brands in social media. This eventually evolved into us starting our own! Shop our clothing line or join us at the next Twinfluence Talks!


In 2014 we decided to quit our full time jobs and start our own business. Jacklyn has a background in Social Media working for companies like Playboy and Michael Kors in the past. Leanna has an event planning background and has worked with many different reality stars and brands. We joined forces to create Social Movement and now it’s evolved and become Twinfluence The Brand. 

This was not something we planned…it just magically worked out this way. We both believe in divine timing and everything happening for a reason. To hear the full story listen to our Road to Pregnancy Podcast.

It’s hard to explain the bond that we share. We were one egg that split into two. We have the same exact genetic makeup & have a deep soul connection that is hard to put into words. Simply put we are two halves of a whole yet completely individual. Just like our business has evolved over the years so has our relationship. Setting boundaries & forging our own unique individual paths while running a company together didn’t happen overnight. ⁣Yes of course we miss each other but this works for us. It has allowed us to not only leverage the Montreal & Toronto markets…but also has enabled us to find the balance between our sister relationship and our business partnership. 

Jacklyn met hers at a bar and Leanna met hers on Tinder! So many people romanticize and fantasize about meeting their partners..which is great! But really when it comes down to it what matters is having a partner who supports you fully. The rest is just icing on top of the cake. It’s also wild that our husband’s birthday are two days apart. They are both geminis which is the sign of the twin. Coincidence? We think not!

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